Future and a Hope

I can trust God fully with my life because He promises to take care of me, and to be the Source of my hope. This is a promose to which I can (and do) cling – remembering that the Lord has a plan in place for my life, and that these “plans for good” are already unfolding in time and history, according to the Lord’s timing.

Of course, how the Lord defines “good” may be different than my take on it, but His view on any matter is always best. Not easy, mind you, but best. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Future and a Hope

    1. Thank you sharing your heart, Sharon! I can relate – sometimes we just need an encouraging work to help us understand that we are heading in the right direction (the Lord gave me some much-needed encourgement from a movie last week). Hang in here, my friend!

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