On Our Side

I have hope today because I choose to remember an important truth: God is on our side! Mind you, He’s not casual about sin by any means, but He’s quick – and faithful! – to forgive us whenever we confess our wrongdoing and turn to Him in faith. Consequently, as Christ followers, we need not be afraid of God, but we should fear Him out of a sense of reverance and awe, simply because of Who He is.

I heard a pastor once say that something to this effect: “You plus God is always a majority,” and I like that statement because it is true! Put another way, I think it looks something like this:

Me + God > Me – God

What person, place or thing is greater than our God? (Answer: No one, no place, and no thing!) I’ll take my chances with Him and remain hopeful that He remains greater than the challenges I may face each day.

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