6 thoughts on “Watch and Pray

      1. My friend, you are not alone. We are taught to deal with things, on our own. Handle it, get it done. We know this is not going to work, not with out God leading the way. BUT I do the same thing. I will hand something to the Lord and it could be a split second later, I am gnawing on it again. I don’t know why I play this tug of war with the Almighty. Here Lord, no give it back, no here Lord, you get the picture :):) You are not in the worry department all by yourself. I venture to say every reader on wordpress is worrying about something right now. God did not make us perfect. He made us the way we are so He could perfect us 😉 Will we ever be completely worry free? I don’t feel like we will. That would constitute perfection, and we know through His word, that isn’t possible. He will get us as close as our free will allows :):) Sorry for such a long comment :):)

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