The Path

I am hopeful today because I know that God is guiding me each and every day of my life. While I am unsure about precisely where I’m headed (who really knows that fully, anyway?), I can look back and see where He has taken me, and rest in the knowledge that God knows exactly what He’s doing.

My path may not always be straight, but if I follow it according to the Lord’s direction, I’m guaranteed to arrive at the right destination for me (as it is very likely that He may lead you somewhere else).

How is your path looking these days? Are you still walking on it, or have you strayed from it a bit?

2 thoughts on “The Path

    1. Me too! I often see that others are traveling on a different path and think, “Why am I by myself on this path?” I err by following others, and that is not what God is called any of His children to do. We are to follow Him, even if doing so takes us to some uncomfortable places – and it has! 😮

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