New Strength

This verse is a great encouragement to me! It speaks of the “new strength” that God promises to give to us when we place our trust in Him.

I can relate to this. Only earlier today, I was feeling rather “blah” (we all have those days from time to time), and my regular routine of morning Bible reading wasn’t having its customary effect.

So what did I do? I decided to sidestep my emotions and do something about them instead. I made a decision to put myself in a different environment that would challenge my mind to think in a new and different way. I decided to learn something new – even if only for an hour or so.

I left that experience feeling both inspired and humbled – inspired by the teacher’s expertise and skill, yet humbled by the knowledge that my own journey as a student in this field is really just beginning – and with a renewed mindset, too. Gone were the “blahs” of the morning.

Sometimes we can overspiritualize things – I believe the Lord simply wants us to step out of ourselves and try something new and different, rather than wallowing in our circumstances.

I wonder if this is what the Bible means by “new strength”. We only get the new strength that we need when we are willing to step out and allow God to minister to our hearts in a fresh and new way. I wonder….

PS – These are my musings. As always, consult your Bibles first and foremost, and let the Holy Spirit guide your thinking on all such matters.

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