Our Shelter

This excerpt from Psalm 91 brings me great comfort. Despite the topsy-turvy nature of our world and personal circumstances today, our God promises to take care of us. Everything and everyone else around us may be in flux, but He is still firmly in control – even (especially?) when things are hard.

Since I last posted – I took a few days away, as I mentioned last time – something absolutely devastating happened to one of my dear friends. I will not go into all of it now, but her whole world has been turned upside down, and she finds herself in a situation that would strike fear and doubt into the heart of even the staunchest believer.

Yet, despite everything, her faith in the Lord remains strong and deep. Yes, she is in both shock and grief, but despite her suffering, my friend – let’s call her “Kate” – presses on. She is devastated and broken and so so very sad, yet there is this candle flicker of hope within her, reminding her that God is with her even in the midst of such pain.

I was with Kate for a good portion of yesterday – barely twenty-four hours since she received the devastating news. Yet she was determined to go to church, and so I and a few other friends accompanied her there.

I was amazed. She worshipped and she wept – sometimes doing both at the same time. Yet Kate sat there, listening to the message, and all the while, I could see her gathering a portion of the strength that she needed to press through this incredibly painful season in her life.

Or perhaps it was to simply press through the day. I suspect with Kate, it is an hour-by-hour, and day-by-day sort of thing. I don’t even think that she has scratched the tip of the iceberg where her grief is concerned – and sadly, much harder days are ahead for her.

And yet she trusts God.

This, my friends, is the epitome of biblical hope. It may not be pretty, but it is true. We press on, even when things are hard, confident in the God who created us and who superintends over all things. This knowledge that God is with us and is sovereignly in control of our lives provides some degree of comfort, however small it may seem in the moment.

Lest you think that Kate is some sort of Polyanna Christian, I assure you that she is not. She is devastated, hurt, and angry. She questions why God allowed this to happen, and I assure you that she cannot even begin to fathom God’s purposes in all of this. And that’s okay.

Kate simply trusts God. In the face of incredible losses, she has chosen to stand firm in her faith and trust in the Lord. While my heart absolutely breaks for Her, I am trusting – and so is Kate – that God has a plan for her, and that He will take care of her.

Fundamentally, this is what biblical hope is, no? Trusting God for our good, even when everything around us seems bad…?

15 thoughts on “Our Shelter

    1. Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement, Joseph. I also really appreciate your prayers on behalf of my friend. I can’t even begin to fathom the anguish that she is presently experiencing, but I know that without her faith in Christ she would likely be without hope entirely. I can truly say that she is clinging to Jesus with everything that she has.

      I am grateful for your support. ✝️

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    1. Thank you, Margaret. I just had the chance to text with her today, and her faith is strong, despite the pain. Remarkably, she sees God‘s hand in all of this Him fully with her future. The funeral for her husband is on Wednesday morning – her grief is still very great, yet Kate is confident that God will see her through this season.

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      1. It has to be painful. It is so fresh. I know we should rejoice for her husband is with God, better place than we are. But that isn’t so easy to be “YAAA he’s in heaven” when we love someone so dearly, is it? If my hubby was gone, I would be selfish. I would want him here even though I know he would be with God. He promised me he will leave this earth the day after me :):):) I am holding him to it 😉 Kate is precious, and God will see her through this, and everything else that she faces in this life. He will reward her faithfulness with His abundant faithfulness.

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      2. Yes, it is painful. Kate had me read and edit the eulogy that SHE plans to deliver about her husband at the memorial service today. I suspect that we will ALL be in tears. However, we must remember that the Lord joins us even in our grief.

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      3. You know what? She (Kate) did really well at her husband‘s funeral service on Wednesday. And she recited the eulogy, she used it as an opportunity for ministry, and God was greatly glorified through it. It’s so inspiring to see the Holy Spirit work so powerfully though one of His children, even when she is hurting.

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