A Good Work

Be encouraged and take heart! The same God who began “a good work” in you – transforming every aspect of your life (heart, will, and spirit) to be more like Jesus – promises to stick by you and equip you with everything you need to live victoriously in Christ in this life (until He returns again, that is). What a promise!

So don’t give up! The Lord has never given up on you, so please don’t give up on Him! Hang in there. 💛

PS – Full disclosure: Today’s post was for me – like David did in the Old Testament (check out 1 Samuel 30:6c, KJV), I find that sometimes, I need to encourage myself in the Lord as well. I hope this post encourages you in the Lord, too!

17 thoughts on “A Good Work

      1. Absolutely 🙂 Such a delight that our Lord, despite being so high above us, loves to speak to us in such an intimate way….

        And thank you so much for your offer to pray. There are times when I really wish I had more friends in my life, on who’s prayers I could lean on. I’ll remember to come to you when I am in need, if you wouldn’t mind 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for checking in, Steven. I am hanging in there – I think the heaviness of the losses that my two friends have experienced is weighing on me, plus the fallout with the other (former) friend, too. Lots of deep thinking and feeling has been going on, but I feel like I’m starting to turn a corner. Thank you for your concern and support!

      How are you?

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      1. I can understand why you’re feeling somewhat unsettled with all that going on! Don’t worry, it’ll pass, and God will pick you back up again and give you the strength and wisdom to deal with all of these situations. Stay prayerful!

        I’m doing okay thanks! Bit of a situation weighing on my mind to do with a nurse who has acted incredibly unprofessionally towards me. I won’t go into details but just trying to handle the situation in the best possible way. Really tricky one!

        Prayers and blessings over your circumstances,


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      2. You were so right! I feel much better today – thanks for the wise counsel.

        So sorry to hear about the situation with the nurse – is there some particular direction in which you’d like me to pray about this matter?

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    1. I had not thought of it that way – seeing self-encouragement as praise to God. However, I like this perspective. You have helped me to learn something new today, my friend! Thank you. 🙂


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