Are You Committed?

What an incredible promise from the Bible! When we commit ourselves fully to the Lord and trust Him, He promises to take care of us. This doesn’t mean that our lives will necessarily work out perfectly here on earth – sometimes, it’s quite the opposite, really – but it does mean that there is no limit to the love, good will, and mercy that the Lord has reserved just for us – His kids.

Just think about it:

  • Omniscience (He knows all);
  • Omnipotence (no one is more powerful than Him); and
  • Omnipresence (He is everywhere, all at the same time: there is no past or future with God – only an eternal present).

If you think about these attributes of God for too long, your head may start to hurt. Oh – did I mention that He is infinite, too – there is no beginning or end of Him?

Anyway, my key takeaway here is this: God loves us with everything He’s got, so much so that He sent His only Son to die in our place for our sins. So clearly, the Lord is all in – He’s fully committed.

Here’s the question: Am I? Or am I still hedging my spiritual bets a bit, relying too much on my human “wisdom” rather than standing on spiritual promises like the one here from Psalm 37?

What about you? (Tough question, I know.)

5 thoughts on “Are You Committed?

  1. It’s similar for me – my commitment to trust in the Lord lasts only for a while and then worry and fear worm their way into my thoughts. Prayer, reading scripture, and reading stories of encouragement and hope from others (like you!) are great daily antidotes to this human frailty.

    Thanks for your posts!
    – Anne

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    1. Anne, thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your comment! It sounds like we are in much the same boat – thankfully God is gracious, and is quick to forgive us whenever our minds and hearts stray away from Him. 😂

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