Why Worry?

Jesus makes an excellent point here. Why do we bother with worry, anyway? In what way does such a futile enterprise serve us?

According to the Bible, worry is not only unhelpful, it’s actually counterproductive – as in worry takes us in the wrong direction!

The image that comes to mind for me is driving in a car. Whether you are heading north or south, the experience of driving should be much the same. However, if you are driving north – but because you are feeling so impatient and agitated, you decide to ignore the freeway signs, trust your own instincts, and take the nearest offramp – you might very well end up traveling in a southbound direction before you even realized what was really going on.

I believe that worry functions in much the same way in our lives. We end up feeling doubtful, discontented and restless, and such a mindset is never God’s will for us at all!

Alternatively, if we pursue the path that the Lord has placed before us in faith and follow the signs that He sends us – for our good, and never for our harm! – then we will eventually arrive at our destination (even if the route that we follow to get there is different than that of our friends or loved ones). It’s only when we veer off the path and start relying on our own human “wisdom” that we get into trouble.

So the key takeaway here – for me, anyway – is this: Let’s do as Jesus commands (not merely suggests) and steer clear of worry. I may not always be successful with this, but I’m committed to giving worry-free living a shot in 2018. What about you?

6 thoughts on “Why Worry?

  1. Funny, I wrote a post this evening called, “Moving Anxiety to Motivation.” It’s not that I believe anxiety/worry is sinful, but as you say, it is counterproductive. It can, however, serve as a “wake up” call to turn back to the peace of God.

    Thanks for addressing this vital subject.

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    1. Hi Tony, it sounds like the Holy Spirit has us on the same wavelength today. I’ve noticed that – sometimes, I blog about a topic, and then I go to the Reader and notice that there seems to be a theme on the same or similar topic that same day. I will have to go check out your post now! 🙂


      1. :):):) Mine either. I am so hard headed. Hey, we are only human right? He knows this, and loves us anyway. Of course, I feel, it pleases Him when we always remember but even if we slip, He is so ready to stand us back up, dust us off, and nudge us back in the right direction. :):):)

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