The Kindness of God

I find this verse to be very encouraging and a source of much help in my life. In order to get greater context on these two important aspects of God’s character, I decided to look these attributes up in the dictionary. After all, we use these words everyday, but do we really know what they mean? Let’s find out:

Righteous: The first two definitions of righteous speak of the following:

  1. Acting in accordance with divine or moral law; free from sin.
  2. Morally right or justifiable.

This sounds about right. However, the definition of “kind” was really quite illuminating:

  1. Of a sympathetic or helpful nature;
  2. Of a forbearing nature; gentle;
  3. Arising from or characterized by sympathy or forbearance;
  4. Affectionate, loving.

I find this verse encouraging because it speaks to the fact that God behaves this way all the time. There has ever been, or ever will be a time when God is not both righteous and kind. What an encouraging Word!

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