The Meaning of Hope

So I have been chronicling my daily reflections on faith-based hope for about a month-and-a-half, following the wrap-up of my first blog, Daily Thankful (as an aside, I continue to be surprised that people like and comment on the blog, even though I haven’t posted anything to it since late November. I am quite touched that people still continue to read it).

I know that the Lord prompted me to start and continue this blog, Daily Hopeful, and I appreciate that He has directed people over here as well. As always, I am amazed by and grateful for the incredibly supportive community that I’ve found here on WordPress.

However, I thought I should take a moment to share my perspective on biblical hope, so that we are on the same page. “Hope” is a word commonly used all over the world, but it occurs to me that we may not all think of it in the same way.

As is my custom, I decided to start with the dictionary. Here is what I found for hope (the noun):

  1. Desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment; expectation of fulfillment or success.
  2. Someone or something on which hopes are centered.
  3. Something desired or hoped.

I wanted to clarify that – for the purposes of this blog – I consider biblical hope to align most closely with definition number two. Biblical hope focuses on God and His character, rather on the circumstances of our lives. Hear me: I don’t think it’s wrong to believe in definitions one and three (I certainly take no issue with them). Rather, I prioritize the definitions a little differently than Merriam-Webster does. Here is what I mean:

  • Because I trust in the character of God (definition number two) over my own perceptions and experiences,
  • I can pray to Him about definition number three (something good and God-honoring that I desire),
  • And trust that because of who He is (definition number 2), God is able to fully accomplish definition number one when and if my request aligns with His purposes and perfect timing.

I thought it would be wise for us to be of one accord about this “hope” business. After all, it’s a lot easier to pursue faith-based hope when we keep our focus on the Source of all things, rather than on our desired outcome, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “The Meaning of Hope

  1. Just come across your blog and was so encouraged to see how you have faithfully ‘blogged’ for so long – and followed what you sensed God’s spirit say to you with regard to this ‘new’ blog. I am relatively new to ‘blogging’ and you have encouraged me to continue to follow the Lord’s leading. Blessings and thank you. Lois

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    1. God is good! Hi Lois. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by ans saying hello!

      Yes, both blogs havs been initiated and maintained by the Holy Spirit (I’m simply along for tha ride). 💛 We’ll see how long He wants me to stay with Daily Hopeful – I’m anticipating about a year total (as I did with Daily Thankful), and then I’ll either go back to DT or may start another blog in the “Daily” series. Stay tuned, and God bless you in your blogging efforts in His name!


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