Made on Purpose

Remember that the Lord has created everyone and everything with a specific purpose in mind. In God’s economy, there are no accidents! Therefore, if you are here and are breathing – and you clearly are, because you’re reading this – then believe that God has a purpose for your life and that there is something specific, meaningful, and unique that He has called you to do.

No one else can do it but you, because God has only made one of you. Even if you are a twin or triplet, you have your own unique fingerprints! The Lord loves variety and diversity, and this truth is most apparent to me as I look at his creation – the animals, plants, clouds, etc.

The sun has a purpose, and so does the moon. The oceans have a purpose, and so does the desert. The mountains have a purpose, and so do the valleys. And on and on it goes. Everything God has made is imbued with a purpose – especially you! 💛

4 thoughts on “Made on Purpose

    1. Praise tbe Lord! 🙂 This part of the verse really stood out to me in my Bible meditafion earlier in the week, and I recognized that thr Lord was speaking that truth to me, reminding me that He does, in fact, have a good plan for me and all those who follow Him. The plan is not without some turbulence and stormy weather, but it’s still good! 😀

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