Our Great Hope

At the end of the day, John 3:16 is what our faith, as believers, is all about – the Good News explained in only a handful of words.

Here are the main ideas, in my view:

  • For God: He initiates the relationship with us;
  • So loved: The impetus for His actions is always and ultimately predicated on love (even “tough love,” sometimes);
  • The world: This means everybody – not just those who choose to follow Jesus. God loves all people, and gives each person the freedom to choose to follow Him (or not);
  • That He gave: God initiates again, expressing His love through sacrificial generosity;
  • His one and only Son: God loves us so much that He sacrificed Himself (in the person of Christ), dying in our place. Then He rose on the third day, demonstrating His sovereignty over the powers of sin and death;
  • That whoever believes in Him: This offer is open to everyone, everywhere, without exception.
  • Shall not perish but have eternal life: Through no merits of our own, we are now the recipients of eternal life with the Lord! Death could not hold Jesus, and it will not have the final word with us, either.

Jesus – my great Hope! ✝️ I hope that He is yours, too.

8 thoughts on “Our Great Hope

  1. Lee, I love John 3:16. It’s one of those verses that exposes the justice of our God. He is just and righteous. He has given everyone who hears an opportunity to seek Him for salvation. Each man reveals his own hunger for God in the way he seeks or pants for Him. Most unfortunately could care less that God has suffered for their sin so that they do not need to. How can that be? I do not know.


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