Blessed Assurance

God is always available to us – ready to listen, comfort, love and/or equip us with the knowledge and wisdom needed to complete whatever task He has set before us.

Disappointments will come. Isn’t it refreshing, though, to know that God is always with us, and that He has not left us to figure out this thing called life all by ourselves?

2 thoughts on “Blessed Assurance

  1. Yes, Daily Thankful. Of my own I have so little. That is why I ask, daily, Father for wisdom, understanding and discernment. Especially as we live in the Last days. God bless you 🙂

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    1. I am in wholehearted agreement. Asking for godly discernment and wisdom is absolutely vital in order to make it each day, let alone each hour!

      Wisdom – like salvation and forgiveness – is something that the Bible 100% guarantees to the person who seeks after it. I am so very grateful for it, even though I still have so much to learn!

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