Sometimes, God catches me so off-guard (in a positive way) that it nearly takes my breath away. Today was such a day.

I have been praying about a specific matter for quite some fime. From my perspective, very little in my circumstances had changed; from God’s perspective, though, things were just getting started!

I’m still seeking His wisdom on the matter, but I’ve come to realize that when God shows up to help, He gives no advance warning; instead, He suddenly (and rather dramatically) intervened in my circumstances, did so quickly, and provided far more than I anticipated.

I’m not saying that this is a formula for everyone to use (it’s not, and God is never beholden to whatever formulas or logic that we may espouse), but I hope that my sudden reversal of circumstances may perhaps inspire another psrsion to do the following:

  • Trust God
  • Love God
  • Love Others
  • Love Ourselves

Hang in there! Remember that the Lord Will Provide.

8 thoughts on “Suddenly

    1. Thank you, Lee! Truly, the last two days have been chock-full of miracles – even though I was feeling poorly – God did several incredible, touching and powerful things for a dear friend of mine today. I’m still catching up on posts, comments and likes for the past couple of days, but I hope to tell part of my friend’s miracle story sometime this week.

      We serve a great God who does great things, because His love for us is great, too! ✝️

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    1. Amen my friend. God was at it today, too, with my friend “Kate” – I shared her story back in December. I hope to share what God did in her life today sometime soon – it’s such an incredible thing when God takes such tender care of His children! 💛

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