Unconditional Love

I love this verse! It reminds me that – no matter what challenges may befall me – my shifting circumstances can never interfere with my relationship with Jesus. And heaven forbid that I should ever desire to turn away from Him (I don’t!), but His love for me is so great – and His faithfulness so absolute – that I can rest in the knowledge that the Lord will never abandon me. For reasons I’ll never understand this side of eternity, it seems that the Lord is quite keen to hang out with ordinary folks like me (and you, too!).

This is not to say that the Lord will exempt me from consequences of the choices that I (or others) have made, though; however, I can cling to the truth that He remains by my side through it all, and loves me unconditionally – even when I stumble and fall.

Also, God is a Gentleman, so He will never force a relationship with Himself on us; rather, it is His desire that we freely choose to be regularly connected to Him, because we want to spend time with Him (rather than out of a sense of duty or obligation).

I can’t think of a better example of unconditional love. Can you?

7 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Yes, Truth indeed. Sin does have consequences as we see again and again in the Parables told by the LORD JESUS.But, somebody reminded me recently that John 3:16 talks about a gift and an eternity. A gift is FREELY given and an eternity lasts forever!! Nothing WE have done, ALL that HE has WON!! 🙂

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