Mind the Gap

I remember a long time ago, when I took my first and only trip to England, I was fascinated by the sign on the Underground that read, “Mind the Gap”. In essence, subway commuters were being encouraged to pay careful attention to the gap between the railway platform and the train car, so that they would not trip and fall! Otherwise, great peril and injury no doubt awaited the commuters who failed to mind the gap.

However, for the individual who heeded the warning, she was able to get on the train without incident, and make it to her desired destination. Apparently, the main difference between success and failure in this endeavor was a traveler’s willingness to pay careful attention to her environment, and to take whatever steps were needed to sidestep any pitfalls.

I believe that this principle holds true in our spiritual lives as well. Today’s passage from Proverbs 4 is one of my life verses, because it reminds me that I alone am responsible for making the kind of wise choices that will take me where the Lord wants me to be.

However, I am only required to do two things:

  1. Be careful (be observant and alert), and
  2. Keep moving forward (there are no benches on the path of life!). 😉

Then God promises to take care of the rest. Indeed, if I am reading this verse correctly, the Lord assures me that all of my plans will be “established” – it does not mean that everything will always go perfectly, but my “ways” – where I am supposed to go, and when – will be identified, clarified and solidified by the Lord in due time.

So don’t forget to mind the (spiritual) gap today! Truly, it’s a day-by-day and hour-by-hour practice, so that we can go where God directs us, and grow into the kind of men and women He desires us to be.

4 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

    1. I was in England a long time ago – back in 2001. I remember remarking upon how different American English is from British English, in terms of colloquial expressions. Still, I had a lovely time when I was there, and look forward to perhaps traveling back there sometime again. 🙂

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