Greater is He

Just a simple reminder that God is greater than any problem that you may be facing today. Any problem.

A couple of key things:

  • You + God = Majority
  • You – God = Just you (and that’s not necessary a good thing – at least not for me, anyway!).

That is all. 💛✝️

8 thoughts on “Greater is He

      1. Good! I trust that your health is improving, then?

        I am well – I started a new job that the Lord provided in a way that only He can. The first one ended, and He had lined up job #2 by the following week! ✝️💛 I have no complaints. 😀

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      2. :):):) God is so good to us. My health is pretty much the same but this week has been a good week :):) Thank you God. What a blessing about your job :):) Thank you for sharing that. It is a blessing to see when God blesses one of my brethren, AND they see that it is Him, and give Him the glory. How many blessings is that? hehehe I love God, again, He is so good to us. Hallelujah :):)

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      3. I am sorry to hear that your health prognosis has not changed, but am glad to know that you’ve had a good week! I sense peace and contentedness in you – always good things to cling to during the tough times.

        I give God all the credit for the provision for my new job. Yes – He is good, indeed. 🙂

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