Spiritual Stamina

Good morning!

Upon waking today, I realized that I had neglected to publish a post last night – I ask your forgiveness. I recently started a new job, which has involved a longer commute and has impacted my schedule (at least this week, anyway) in a significant way. Everything is good, but it’s a different kind of good, and my mind and body are in a place of transition. Your continued grace and patience are greatly appreciated (I am catching up with comments, reading other blogs, publishing my own posts, etc.). I simply fell asleep early last night!

… which brings me to the verse I have selected for today. If we’re not careful, it’s possible to do good – lots of it, actually! – and still wear ourselves out. I am a living testament to the truth of this principle this week.

Instead, we must have a strategy in place; otherwise, we can really exhaust ourselves as we faithfully carry out the very things that God has called us to do. After all, the Lord expects us to complete the work that He has set before us, but we must make wise choices, too.

But in order to do this, we must pace ourselves so that we can be successful. It’s up to us to make good decisions that enable us to persevere – otherwise, we will find ourselves rapidly approaching and traveling along the road to burnout.

For me, I definitely could’ve made some different choices. For example, every day this week I’ve had a substantial commitment after work. I now see that this approach was not wise, especially as I’m acclimating to a new job. A better strategy might’ve been to get into a good rhythm at work first, and then schedule the personal/church commitments after-the-fact.

My challenge, though, is that I really enjoy the things that I’m doing outside of work, and selfishly didn’t want to give any of them up. While I was well-intentioned, it was still unwise on my end, as I found myself more tired than usual. I must remind myself that I cannot be all things to all people, all the time (even when I enjoy seeing them!).

I suppose it all boils down to setting healthy boundaries. This is an ongoing theme in my own life, and I’m reminded how important it is for me to pace myself and not take on too much, so that my overall progress is hindered. After all, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9:24 (NASB),

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win.

We are tasked running the race and winning it, but we are never encouraged to sprint (which requires shorter bursts of intense effort) our way through it. Instead, spiritual stamina is what is required – and I believe that the Holy Spirit will give it to us whenever we ask Him for it.

So let’s all run to win, my friends! ✝️

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