Our Sustainer

Isn’t it interesting that – as smart as we seem to think we are as a society – only God can dictate precisely when we will fall asleep, as well as the precise moment when we will awake each day? Only God.

And also, He keeps vigilant watch over us while we rest, too. There is never a moment when we are not under the cover of His loving gaze – He even sustains us while we sleep!

Regardless of our wealth, status, education, and/or political affiliation, we all – even unbelievers – are sustained each day by God’s benevolent grace. What a humbling thought!

And if this thought doesn’t give you some hope, well then, I don’t know that there is much else I can say besides this: God is good and compassionate toward all He has made (including those individuals who have turned away from Him). ✝️

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