The Justice of God

God is just. And while I can’t claim to understand His ways and means, what I do know that it is His character to be just. I may not always agree with His timing (if the justice even comes in my lifetime), but thankfully, we serve a God who promises to right all wrongs in time. Since the Lord cannot lie, then I can be hopeful because even when I am wronged by others, God sees it. We then have a choice: Will we take matters into our own hands (without the Lord’s guidance), or we can leave them with Him, trusting His character and faithfulness instead?

Wisdom decrees that we should choose the latter, even though our (fallen) human nature much prefers the former.

Anyway, some time ago, I was terribly betrayed by a few people and suffered greatly. I remember crying out to God, begging Him to literally bring divine justice upon these individuals.

Then some time passed, as I had other health matters to attend to, and eventually, I stopped thinking about my betrayers altogether. With God’s help, I simply moved on from the situation, and I remember thinking how petty and small these people seemed in hindsight.

Anyway, fast-forward to this week – I learned (completely unbidden) that the Lord is dealing with these individuals, simply by letting them reap the inevitable consequences of their actions. When I heard the news, I immediately thought of this verse from Amos!

Sometimes – not always, admittedly – God’s justice “roll[s] down like waters.” The image that comes to my mind is that of a pure mountain spring that eventually provides nourishment and refreshment for many people, but the water has considerable distance to travel.

Not that God is bound by time – He’s not – but in a way that a mountain spring sits up high where things are pristine, clear, and undefiled – so much more is God’s perfect justice higher than our own.

We can rest in the knowledge that the waters of justice will eventually roll down in time. How could they not? God promises to avenge every wrong perpetrated against us in time – all we are required to do is trust Him and believe what He says.

Roll, justice, roll. ✝️

6 thoughts on “The Justice of God

  1. Thank you dailyhopeful, this is a fantastic post; praise God for the rest that He’s given to you about waiting on His justice.
    Lord bless you for your continued helping others to see the will and work of God.

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