I think – or maybe it’s just me? – that we tend to forget that the Lord is omnipotent (all powerful). We know He’s God and everything, but when we try to map out what we think He’s going to do to resolve uncomfortable situations in our lives, we often get frustrated and lose hope because we don’t understand how things could possibly change.

Enter God.

I love this story from Numbers 11 (read the chapter if you get a chance). I’m paraphrasing here, but Moses is basically in a tough spot and turns to God. The Lord essentially responds by saying He’s going to do a miracle: on X day, Y is going to happen. Moses counters with human logic – a natural response under the stressful circumstances) – and God’s answer is essentially, “SERIOUSLY? Have you forgotten who I am? Watch what happens.”

His reply is much the same to us today, too.

The Lord is omnipotent. Not very powerful or really powerful, but all powerful! As in no one or no thing is above (or even approaching the same level) as Him. God has no peers, and His power has no limitations.

When life gets complicated, I must remember that He who spoke creation into existence (out of nothing!) with merely a word certainly has the power to drastically alter my circumstances in a moment’s notice. Such a truth certainly is a reason for hope! đź’›

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