Our Provider

I am hopeful today because the Lord is committed to meeting all of our needs (not necessarily everything we want, though), so long as we are committed to following Him.

However, I’m not going to lie to you – obeying God can sometimes be quite risky and can lead to some challenging circumstances. When I contemplate the alternative – living outside of the will of God – then my perspective on my circumstances changes in a big way.

I experienced this big time this week. Obeying God this week has lead to both a loss and a cost for me. Yet, if I did nothing and stayed in my comfortable situation, I would have had no peace about it all. Better to be in need within the will of God than to be self-sufficient (in terms of human wisdom) and miserable outside of it! That’s what I say, anyway.

So, I cling to this verse from Genesis 22, as God met all of Abraham’s needs (when all the Lord told him was to essentially “Go to the place I will show you”), when he had absolutely no way of meeting his own needs as God placed him in one seemingly impossible situation after another! I’m sure that Abraham was kind of scared and bewildered, yet he faithfully obeyed God, and the Lord took care of him in some remarkable ways.

And so I wait in faith. Since obeying God has led to my present situation, then by my calculations, only He can bring me out of it. Hear me: I’m not sad or anything: rather, I’m simply accepting what is, and – while I still put forth my own efforts – I wait in faith for Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, to continue to meet my needs in a way that I can neither plan nor predict.What a blessing that we serve a God who cares so much about us, and is committed to taking such good care of us! There is no person more able to meet our every need than the Lord Himself! ✝️

15 thoughts on “Our Provider

  1. Hi dailyhopeful, God will make everything work out, although it looks very scary right now.
    I’ve been in your situation myself, where I had to do some things that He put on my heart to do that ordinarily would have caused cataclysmic derailing of my life, (my job, marriage, etc).
    But He saw me through it all, and everything turned out beautiful.
    And this will happen for you too.
    Just keep trusting Him, He loves you, and He won’t let you fall.
    Remember Romans 8.28.

    God bless you dailyhopeful.

    I’ll pray for you right now

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    1. Thank you so very kindly, Lee! I am so touched by your thoughtful message and prayer – they mean so much.

      Indeed, my spirits are less heavy today than they were yesterday. Hearing testimonies like yours are extremely encouraging, too, so thank you for sharing yours! Such stories keep my hope buoyant. ✝️

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