A dear friend of mine spoke some heartfelt words of encouragement to me today, and her words made all the difference! 😀

FYI, I have been working steadily on a training/personal growth project since last fall, and it’s been a long road. If I complete everything in time, I should be done toward the end of the year (fall?), or possibly later.

This training is a lot of work and requires deep (yet pleasantly challenging) thinking, as I am intentionally learning something quite new and different. Even so, the journey can be an isolated one; and given my predeliction for over-analysis, I was so feeling so-so about my progress up to this point.

However, I received some just-in-time, Spirit-led feedback that really encouraged my heart and reminded me that I am on the right path! My friend confirmed to me that she saw what I am undertaking as ministry, and that God was deeply involved in my training experience. She spoke with sincerity and honestly, and the Lord know that was what I needed to hear in order to persevere. I don’t even think my friend realized how impactful her words were to me!

So persevere I will – indeed, I must.

I will try to pay it forward somehow, and remember to offer words of encouragement to others, as the Lord leads. After all, you never know how He will use your words and actions to bless another person! Encouragement costs you nothing but time and a genuine concern for the well-being of others, and the Lord can (and frequently does) use your faithfulness to multiply the blessings in the lives of others in more ways than we ever could have imagined!

Let’s be kingdom emcouragers. ✝️

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