Be at Peace

Like most everything else in life, peace is an deliberate choice that we make each day. Will we worry and fret, or will we take the Lord at His Word and believe that He will take the very best care of us?

Seriously – Jesus couldn’t have said it any better: He leaves us with peace, and continually refreshes our hearts as often as we ask Him for it. In fact, His peace is an abundant resource that never runs out, so why is it that we are we so quick to turn away when life gets hard?

As the image in today’s post illustrates, we can either be at peace because the water around us is calm and steady, or we can truly be at peace because we trust the One who has the power to simply speak to the winds and the waves and say, “Peace! Be still.”

The difference may seem small at first, but I assure you that it’s extremely significant. So let’s be at peace, dear friends. šŸ’”

2 thoughts on “Be at Peace

  1. I find that the only way to true peace is to depend upon Jehovah to bless me with it. To try to attain it on my own is impossible because satan keeps on polluting my mind with wicked thoughts.

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