Right on Time

God’s timing is perfect! I needed to remind myself earlier this evening to simply relax – the Lord is still on the throne, and I must continue to wait in faith for His answer (according to His timetable, rather than mine).

In my view, this does not mean that we should adopt a fatalistic view – quite the contrary. As I’ve mentioned here before, there is a tension in our walk of faith that balances God’s overarching sovereignty with our personal responsibility. Yes, the Lord is sovereign, but He holds me accountable for the decisions that I make.

So it’s not so much how long we have to wait for God’s answer to our prayers (an hour? A week? Years?), but rather how we wait. At the end of the day, do we trust Him and His perfect timing (even when the Lord’s plans make no sense to us), or do we take matters into our own hands and try to “nudge” God a bit?

These verses from the book of Psalms come to mind:

So no, the Lord doesn’t need anything from us – He already owns it all. However, He desires our trust and cooperation with His plans and perfect timing.

I’ve always found this to be fascinating – that the omnipotent Creator of all things is interested in me, and wants to be my Friend! (I know I’ve shared this view before, but it never gets old in my mind and heart) ✝️

So yes, I reckon I’ll wait a little longer for His answer, and trust that God heard me (and that His reply is alreadg on the way). After all, He has been mighty good to me., so the least that I can do is to trust His plan, too.

4 thoughts on “Right on Time

  1. Yes Amen! When we ask and believe God will answer. He is helping me with the waiting because I always want it right now, when I want it. But He knows what is best, and at what time it is best. Instead of “waiting” I want to spend my time “looking” that way I don’t miss it :):):) and it will help me pass the time until it happens. If that makes any sense 🙂

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