Real Hope

So I finally got around to watching “I Can Only Imagine” tonight with a friend (before it left the theaters, apparently), and what a blessing it was to me on two main fronts:

  1. At one point in the film – without revealing any plot points – a familiar hymn was sung by one of the characters. Without second-guessing myself for a moment, I started singing along, too – I’m fairly sure I wasn’t the only one. 🙂
  2. I was amazed to behold the tender and specific ways that God uses to get our attention. If you did not know, the film is based upon a true story, and when I left the theater my heart was full of real hope – the kind only the Lord can provide.

Indeed, Psalm 62 attests to the truth that He alone is the (real and only) Source of true hope. This is good news, no?

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