A Better Day

Today was a much better day! Many thanks to those of you offering words and prayers of support and encouragement – I appreciate them more than you will ever know.

By God’s grace, I dare to say that I had a surprisingly good day today – I say “surprisingly” because the day had not gone as I thought it would, but it was a blessing!

Around midday, a friend sent me a text message asking if I wanted to join her at a cooking class that evening. As I have not been to a cooking class since early last fall, I jumped at the chance to go. Thankfully, my schedule was fairly clear that evening, and there was still space in the class. I’m not spontaneous at all, but I decided to go with the flow and sign up for it. Why not?

It’s remarkable to me how God knows exactly what we need at just the right time. I had forgotten how much I love cooking classes! I had a fantastic time, and was grinning from ear to ear by the time the evening was done.

By the way, I’ve already signed up for my next cooking class later this month. I’m excited!🍴

Anyway, my main point with this post is that sometimes God shows up in unexpected ways to give us a boost, to remind us that He is watching out for us, and that He knows just what we to help us feel better.

My hope is that this post will encourage someone. I can testify – it’s possible to go from turbulence one day to peace the next, but only with God’s enabling! As Psalm 86:4 indicates, the Lord was kind enough to bring some much-needed joy my way, as I continue to seek His will for my life (I had actually prayed for this specifically the other day, and am grateful for His timely answer).

All in all, a better day for sure. ☀️

4 thoughts on “A Better Day

    1. Thanks so much, Lee! Your words are very touching and mean a lot. I’m so grateful to you and the others here on WordPress – your quality blog posts keep me going! God bless you (and Melissa), my friend.

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