Heart, Soul & Strength

We should love the Lord with everything we’ve got:

  • Heart – what we feel;
  • Soul – who we are; and
  • Strength – what we do.

Think about it – God deserves nothing less, and we’ll always be better off for having focused our energies on Him (rather than our circumstances), anyway! 🗝

9 thoughts on “Heart, Soul & Strength

      1. It has been a good week, and I thank God for it. A little up, a little down but He is so good to remind me in both that He is here, and in control. How has your week been my friend? I loved your post today, by the way. As always uplifting, encouraging, and full of hope :):);)

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      2. I’m so glad to hear that you continue to weather the storms of life with such grace, faith, and fortitude! I will keep praying.

        Last week was rather challenging for me, but by God’s grace alone, I’ve made it through and things are much better now. To quote a wise woman I know, “a little up, a little down but He is so good to remind me in both that He is here.” 💛

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      3. Your prayers are welcomed and appreciated. I’ll keep thanking the LORD for helping you, and bringing you blessings.

        Amen, because His Grace is all we can depend on. He alone is constant, and true. I love that He is there with you, my friend, holding you in His Almighty hand :):):) I can close my eyes and see it. What a blessing!!!

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      4. Thank you, Margaret! Your words of heartfelt wisdom and encouragement mean so much!

        Alas, I am down for the count again with sinusitis. Hallelujah for heaven, as I can’t wait for my glorified body (that has no allergy/sinus/asthma issues!). 😉 I’ll check in on you again in a few days. 💛

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      5. We are walking side by side in the valley, Margaret! We must continue to pray for/intercede for each other. God is faithful, and His answers are already on the way. I see light ahead for both of us! ✝️

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