Sometimes, having true hope is a matter of perspective, don’t you think?

I recently concluded the Chronicles of Narnia series (my second time going through the books as an adult), and – without giving away the plot – the experience got me thinking about where I place my focus. After all, does most of my attention go to the needs, desires, and concerns I have here and now here on earth, or do my priorities align with the Lord’s?

Naturally, He is also concerned about what happens to us in this world, but I believe that God takes a long-term (rather than short-term) view on our experiences here on earth.

Simply put, it is my conviction that the Lord wants us to focus more on getting to know Him (and preparing for the eternal future He has prepared for us), rather placing our attentions on the comparatively fleeting problems that we may experience in the world. It’s not that we deny or trivialize what we are experiencing – especially if we encountering some choppy waters – but rather, that we cling to the hope and trust that the eternal future that the Lord has prepared for those who earnestly seek Him (the things above) is far more precious than the most valuable diamond here in this world.

I suppose it’s all about how we look at things. 💡

PS – Total nonsequitur here, but for my fellow Americans (or anyone else in the know), what on earth is “spring black Friday”? Having one black Friday is bad enough, but now we apparently have two? 😩

6 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Good truth dailyhopeful.
    And I saw that new black spring frida on tv yesterday, and I too had never heard of it before.

    Just more nonsense to sell more junk.

    And a happy grinnin good mornin to you dailythankful 😀

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    1. Thank you, Lee! I don’t really watch TV, but had heard something about a “spring black Friday” while listening to some music online. You are right – it’s all designed to make us spend more money (I have no intention of participating in it).

      Good mornin’ to you as well! 😀

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