I can be hopeful today because I serve a God of revelation – rather than being some aloof and distant deity, the Lord is a Person who cares, loves, and desires to reveal His plans and purposes to those who seek Him.

Now there is an important caveat here: God does not function on demand (that is, when I insist on knowing the master plan for my life right here and now) – He created and formed me, so He really has no obligation to tell me anything.

And yet He does reveal things to me – often in subtle, easily-missed ways – arranging masterfully orchestrated outcomes in a manner that points to Jesus alone as Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

And then there are what I call the “Jeremiah days” – when you’re doing everything to your knowledge that God has called you to do for Him, and things still look mighty bleak (and if you don’t believe me, cast your eye over the book of Jeremiah. This prophet had a rough time). In this book, it can seem like every other verse is woe, woe, and more woe; and while many of us are familiar with Jeremiah 29:11, we now find ourselves in chapter 33 – several chapters later – and things are looking pretty dicey for the prophet and his countrymen.

Pardon the casual paraphrase here, but it’s like God is telling Jeremiah, “I know things are hard, but keep the lines of communication with Me open! I’ve shared some hard things with you, but I’m not yet done. I’m still speaking! Hang with Me – I still have more to say, and much of it is good.” And indeed, the Lord kept His word to Jeremiah – things didn’t change right away (and they might not in our lives, either), but from the prophet’s story, a couple of important principles emerge:

  • God may choose to change our circumstances over time; and/or
  • He may elect to gently (yet firmly) shift our perspective on our situation.

In my limited experience, He often does both at different times!

Anyway, we can remain hopeful because God’s promise to us is that things will continue to unfold under His watchful, caring, and sovereign eye, and we should still stay tuned! After all, the Lord is still talking to us (even now) and – I don’t know about you – I don’t want to miss any of the “great and mighty things” that He may want to share with me.

PS – As always, I encourage you to read your Bibles for yourselves. A theologian I am not – rather, I simply choose to share my personal reflections with you here from time to time, as the Spirit leads. Let’s remember to be like the Bereans, however – always carefully examining the Scriptures for ourselves. ☑️

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