Lamp & Light

God’s Word is powerful! Coupled with a surrendered heart and a prayerful spirit, the Bible can (and often does) shed light on our circumstances, offering sound principles that help inform our everyday decision-making.

I like this passage from Psalm 119 for this very reason! Our modern-day understanding of the words “lamp,” “light” and “path” are a little different than what they would have been back in the psalmist’s day. Here are a few things to consider:

  • A lamp would likely have been more like our present-day understanding of what a lantern is and does. Picture it: You’re walking along a nearly pitch-black road, and the only illumination that you have is from your little lantern. How much light does it cast? Enough for you to take your next step (or two). Does it light up the entire road? No. It provides just enough light for you to keep moving forward, one step at a time. After all, if the whole road was lit up, we might decide to veer off the path and (unwisely) blaze our own trails!
  • A light, in this context, is not the switch that we flip on to activate the artificial, electricity-based illumination that we rely upon today; rather, in my view, it speaks of an insight and direction (truly, spiritual illumination) for our lives that can only come from the Lord. Think about it: How was light generated in those days? From fire. And where does fire come from? Not from man, that’s for sure. And how did God get Moses’s attention when he was out tending sheep? A bush literally lit up by fire. And how did He lead the Israelites by night when they were in the wilderness? A pillar of fire that illumined the darkness. Light, in this context, not only shows the way forward, but also reveals that which otherwise is hidden (both good and bad), and gives us the opportunity to side-step some potential obstacles – with the Lord’s help.
  • A path speaks of a pre-ordained route that the Master Planner has formed and that others may have walked upon, but whose specific twists, turns, and detours may be unknown to the traveler – especially at night, when walking by lamplight. A God-given path is not the secular, modern-day view of blazing your own trail, “following your bliss” (whatever that means? Doing so will almost definitely get you into trouble!), and putting your own needs and desires first. Such a course is a false path and a trap of the enemy – a sure-as-you’re-born shortcut to a ditch of our own creation, and who wants to be stuck there?

In God’s Word, we have all that we need to inform our next step (our action), to reveal any hidden obstacles in our immediate vicinity and – as much as possible – sidestep them (God’s wisdom and our response to it), and the truth and illumination to stay on the path that the Lord has crafted for us, rather than naively venturing off in the dark on our own.

So, let’s remember to stay on the path, but keep our Lamp and Light on (stoking the fire regularly) and near us at all times! After all, a burned out Lamp does us no good, and can offer us no illumination. And whatever we do, let’s keep walking forward! The Lord has great things ahead for us, but we must keep moving. 💡

PS – God’s timing is perfect. I had a massive headache last night after a long day, but knew I needed to post to Daily Hopeful. However, I remembered the biblical principle of rest (I’ll have to get into that in another post) and decided to go to sleep instead. I awoke this morning with some residue of the headache, but – feeling refreshed from sleep – took some medicine and decided to write this post. This is the message that the Lord laid on my heart, and as I’ve been pecking it out on my iPhone, my headache has gone away! Truly, following the Lord’s wisdom is always best – even if it means your blog post is off-schedule! 😉

5 thoughts on “Lamp & Light

    1. Thank you – God is good! You raise an excellent point – not only does God show us where to go, but He also graces us with His peace and healing along the way. Thank you for blessing me with this fresh insight! ✝️💛


  1. I am scared of the dark, so with God’s help, I will walk in the light, and keep put of that ditch. I hadn’t thought about the fire and the light in that sense before. It’s amazing how, like you said, its what God used to get Moses attention, it’s also what He used to lead the Hebrews at night. It didn’t go unnoticed, it will be what keeps the company of those that are not saved, for all of eternity :):) I thank God He healed your head ache, those are not fun, AND He used you to type up this hopeful post :):):) God, thank You for always blessing Daily Hopeful :):):)

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    1. Remember that tbe Lord also used light when Saul-turned-Paul was on his “path,” too – I think it would be an interesting to do a word study on how God uses light in the Bible to bring about change and transformation. Isn’t it something how the Lord takes familiar Bible verses and stories and reveals something new to us when we least expect it?

      As it turns out, my headache is mostly gone – it’s still lingering a little bit, but that may be eyestrain (the headache subsided but then I started reading and writing on WordPress without my contacts or glasses). And I have no one to blame for that but me! Time to find my glasses…. 🤓

      You are a blessing, Margaret, and you shine God’s light to those around you. 😊 Thanks for simply being you!

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      1. I love those little hugs and kisses God gives us called revelations :);) When we least expect them is when they sink in, stik with us, and mean the most!

        Thank you for your kind edification :);) all that you see, if it is coming anywhere from me is PROOF that God is o the throne :):) because that is all Him. Praise God!

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