You Are Loved

I read this verse today, and felt led to share it here in case it ministers to someone. I think we all need to be reminded how very much the Lord loves us, and that nothing (not even our own stubbornness) can get in the way of His love for us.

In case this passage looks familiar, I posted the verse that follows it – Romans 8:39 – here a couple of months ago. The theme is very similar, but a truth this important bears re-emphasis from time to time! (especially the line about “our fears for today” and “our worries about tomorrow” – not even these relatively transient concerns can get in the way of God’s great love for us)

Of course, we can get in our own way from time to time by becoming unduly preoccupied with these kinds of concerns. When this happens, we are the ones who often block ourselves from fully experiencing God’s love; His love for us does not actually change.

For instance, think of clouds that block out our perception and awareness of the sun during a storm. Even though we can’t see it, there sun is still there, bright and radiant! We simply must trust that the storm clouds will eventually pass and that we will experience its warmth and power again. The sun itself never changes, though, and its warmth and power are still present and active, even though our personal experience may feel very different at times.

And what is true of the sun also applies to the Son. Even when we can’t perceive His hand at work in our lives, we can trust that the Lord cares for us deeply, and is always looking for heartfelt and meaningful ways to express His love to us. ♥️

6 thoughts on “You Are Loved

    1. It’s a powerful chapter, no? I also really enjoy Romans 12, too – great guiding principles on how we should live as followers of Christ.

      Enjoy and be nourished by your ongoing study and meditations in the book of Romans, Myrtle! 💛✝️

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