God’s Ways & Thoughts

I can be hopeful today when I rest in the knowledge that God is in control of everything, and that – according to this verse from Isaiah 55 – the ways and thoughts of the Lord are so much different, better, and higher than my own.

Often, I try to figure my way out of a particular situation that I am facing, and can come up with different possible outcomes: for instance, option A, option B, and option C. However, for the Lord, there is never any limit on the options. In fact, the Lord is not even constrained by the concept of “options” because everything is possible with Him. Neither is He is limited in the number or degree of possible outcomes that He can orchestrate for anyone at any time: past, present, and future. After all, how does impose limits on an infinite, limitless God?

Consider the distance from our planet to the “heavens” (think of the stars, planets, etc. here). The stars often look closer to us than they actually are! However, these celestial bodies are many, many light-years away. With our limited vision and perspective, all that we can perceive is a distant light in the sky.

If that is our impression of the “heavens,” how on earth do we think that we can wrap our arms around the thoughts of God? They are immeasurably higher than our own. Hear me: the Lord is close to us, and those of us who follow Him are indwelt by his Holy Spirit, but – more often than not – His ways and means run counter to human logic and reason.

Lest we get too tangled up about this, let’s remember that above all, God is good. He has a plan for your life and for mine, and He’a working everything out according to His timing and good purposes. Let’s rest in that truth, and leave all else in the Lord’s capable Hands! ✝️

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