This is a familiar Bible verse for many of us. Penned by the man who was considered to be the wisest person ** around in his time, this passage reminds us that EVERYTHING in God’s economy operates according to a schedule of sorts.

I believe that this is why the Lord gives us seasons of weather – although here in California, our seasons could better be classified as “green” or “brown”. Otherwise, we tend to hover between 65-85F degrees for most of the year. We do see some rain, wind, and even the occasional smattering of hail (which I still find unnerving. It’s like God pelts the earth with uncooked rice, and then it all melts away a minute or two later).

But I digress – clearly. 😉

Anyhow, this passage from Ecclesiates reminds me that not only does God have a set schedule for all things, but that these seasons are like bookends – they have a distinct beginning and an end. Remember that no season (good or bad) lasts forever, even though it may feel that way at the time.

And even though I love the sunny weather in here California, we are in a state of protracted drought. This is a testimony to the reality that too much sun and not enough rain is not in anyone’s best interests. The converse is also true: some of you live in areas where you experience a bona-fide winter season that lasts for months and months. You somehow get through this time, and I can only assume it’s because you rest in the knowledge that winter is temporary, and that change is on the way.

So if you’ve grown weary of the season that you’re in, just wait and keep trusting God – as things may very well change when you least expect it! ⏳

** Personally, I take slight issue with this claim – if you look carefully at Solomon’s reign in the Old Testament, you’ll see that he asked the Lord for wisdom to govern and lead well. God granted his request in a significant way, but according to the biblical record, Solomon was extremely unwise in his personal life. In fact, his choices eventually led him away from the Lord toward the end of his life (as such choices still do today!). True wisdom, then, is applying God’s truth to all aspects of our lives – public and private.

No doubt, Solomon was the wisest man of his day in many areas, but I stop short of calling him the “wisest man who ever lived”. My $.02….

9 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. I always wondered about Solomon too. But if I dissect it (which I try not to do hahaha) I feel Solomon asked for and understanding heart to judge God’s people, to discern between their good and bad. One would think this would give him the ability to discern his good and bad too but apparently not. Or he made the choice to not apply this to himself. I based this on the verse from my Bible(KJV) “….Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?” 1 Kings 3:9 Again you would think that the “people” would include himself. :):):)

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    1. I take your point. I suppose this is a question we’ll have to ask the Lord in heaven! 😉 To me, true wisdom means that our behaviors also change, so perhaps you are right – Solomon simply disregarded the wisdom that God initially gave him.

      Still, I lean toward my original hypothesis – that he needed God to govern wisely, and the Lord greatly helped him in this regard (until Solomon turned away from Him).

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      1. :):):) hahaha my friend, I think we are saying the same thing, or pretty similar but just in different ways :):):) Thats why, I said, I don’t try to dissect things. I get too wordy(or don’t word it right) and what I mean gets lost.

        I totally agree we will all know soon enough when we reach Home. If it will even matter to us then :):)

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      2. When we get Home, we’ll probably be like, “Earth? Where is that? I have some faint memory of such a place as if it were a dream.” 🙂

        How are you feeling this week, my friend?

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