Real Treasure

So the third installment of my Verse of the Week series comes from Luke 12. One of the many things I appreciate about Jesus is the fact that He never minces words! He says things how they really are, and His comments about our hearts and desire for treasure (whatever form it may take) ring as true today as they did thousands of years ago.

So while it’s fine for us to enjoy the blessings that the Lord sends our way, I think it’s important that we don’t get too attached to them. Otherwise, our possessions start to take hold of our hearts, and before we know it, we find ourselves focusing most of our time and energy on the presence – or absence – of these things.

After all, our real hope is found in a thriving relationship with God alone, and not in the pursuit of things, status, or even good deeds! It really is a heart issue (what truly motivates us?) when we stop and think about it.

And it just so happens that the Bible has something to say about our hearts, too [bonus verse time!]:

That’s right – “above all else” we are to guard our hearts. The spiritual connection between our hearts and our treasure (what we cherish) is a deep and powerful one, and only the Holy Spirit can give us the wisdom needed to keep that connection healthy and God-honoring. When pleasing the Lord is our primary motive, then we can trust that our hearts and treasure are in good spiritual alignment, too. 🎯

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