The Impact of Love

I’m continuing with my theme of love here on Daily Hopeful, and have selected an excerpt from a familiar passage in 1 Corinthians 13 as our Verse of the Week – showing us the real impact of biblical love:

  • It bears all things. A love that seeks first the best for others (over self) will naturally come alongside them, express genuine concern, and help to shoulder their burdens for a time.
  • It believes all things. Such a love is not naive, but rather seeks out the best in all people and circumstances, whenever possible.
  • It hopes all things. Biblical love is optimistic and expectant – not seeing God as Someone here to do our bidding, but rather waiting in expectant hope for the good plans of the Lord to unfold in our lives.
  • It endures all things. Biblical love is one that suffers well. It recognizes that life is not about gratifying our appetites, but rather, is about accomplishing God’s kingdom purposes – and that we may experience some hardship along the way. However, love fueled by the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to persevere during these times, and to come out on the other side of them as stronger and wiser people.

God’s love is powerful. So let’s get to work and really start loving people! ♥️

This is quote two in the three-day quote challenge. I continue reflecting on love because the Bible talks about it so much – it must be an important life principle for us to understand and apply to our relationships each day. Fundamentally, loving God’s way is about giving, and not receiving – even if doing so comes at some personal cost.

I encourage you to love God and others much, and to love them well, too. ✝️

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