Help Somebody

I believe that the Bible makes a key point here in Galatians 6: one of the main ways that things will change for the better in the world today is if we make the conscious decision to come alongside those around us – our “neighbors,” as Jesus called them – and see how we can compassionately support them during the hard times. After all, we may only be a short distance from difficult circumstances ourselves, as we have no way of knowing what each day may bring.

Also, my understanding of the meaning of this verse is this: the Lord directs us to help shoulder the load that others are carrying, but not to take it on all by ourselves. Otherwise, burnout and frustration will be the inevitable result, and our good intentions may (unwittingly) be exploited by those looking for an easy way out of the pain. Such an outcome serves no one well. šŸ˜©

Instead, I believe that God wants us to [wisely and with great discernment] help the individuals within our circle of influence simply because He instructs us to do so. And since Jesus helps us every day, we should feel compelled to extend a measure of that same grace and compassion to others, don’t you think? In fact, we might even feel pretty joyful about it! šŸ”‘

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