A Vital Question

I really treasure this verse from Romans 8 – mostly because it asks a question that helps to put all of life’s circumstances into clear, biblical perspective:


Simply put, if God is on our side – and we believe this – who could ever really oppose us? This doesn’t mean that things will always go our way – they won’t, I assure you – but it does mean that no purpose or plan into which God speaks life will ever fail or return to Him void. It’s simply not possible.

Of course, it’s up to us to cooperate with God’s designs for our lives, but when we strive to do so and partner with Him in faith, who could ever really stand against the Lord with any degree of success?

I know that it may seem like some folks (and social agendas) are “winning,” now, but the battle is far from over. There is a quote from Billy Graham that I love, that truly anchors my thinking in an eternal perspective. Let me share it here:


Lest we forget, the Good Guy wins in the end, 😀

PS – You may have noticed that I changed my posting schedule to the mornings. I don’t usually schedule my posts, but I’ve decided to start doing so now and see how things go. So, you may see me online liking and responding to your posts in the evening, but for the foreseeable future, my posts will be coming out in the morning (California time). Thanks for your patience!

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