Nearness of God

What an encouragement it is to remember that when we travel through the “deep waters” of life, we never do so alone – the Lord is always right by our side! This passage from the book of Isaiah is my selection for the verse of the week, since it contains a powerful truth for us to bear in mind: God never leaves us alone – not even for a moment.

It’s interesting that this verse begins with the word “when,” and not “if”. Deep waters are a part of life for everyone; if I’m reading this passage correctly, then deep waters can represent ambiguous and challenging situations that will eventually be resolved in time, in a way presently known only by God (think of the Israelites and the Red Sea parting). During such times, we can nonetheless take comfort in the knowledge that a) the Lord is always with us, even if we have a tough time sensing His presence; and b) He is deeply concerned about our situation, and alone has the power and limitless resources needed to do anything about it.

And sometimes, God changes our circumstances. In my view, though, He more often changes us despite our circumstances. Either way, He promises to be with us through it all, and this truth will ideally be a source of greater hope and peace for all of us. ✝️

PS – While I realize that this is a biblical truth that I have mentioned here before, I find that I often learn the most when I reflect on God’s promises more than once. Thanks for understanding! 💛

7 thoughts on “Nearness of God

  1. Reflect away Sister. It all goes back to what you said, ” He more often changes us despite our circumstances.” Hence the need for reflection. When we change/grow there is the need to reflect again, as we will have a different perspective :):) And you are so right “when” is the key, and He is always there. Hallelujah :):)

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    1. That is a good point, Margaret! Our perspective on the Bible will become more nuanced as God uses His very Word to grow and change us each day. It’s a dynamic – yet eternity-long! – process. ✝️

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      1. Amen, you put it perfectly! I love that He is always keeping it new and exciting for us. He loves us that much to always want to use something several times, in some cases to really just blow our spiritual minds, so to speak :):) Who or what else does that but God and His Word?

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      2. Amen to everything you said! I find that He will often “blow our spiritual minds” by using a very familiar Bible passage/story and offering some fresh insight – like a newly-discovered facet on a diamond – on it. I usually end up thinking, “how did I not see what You were saying before, Lord?” Of course, it was always there, I just didn’t see it before. How blessed we are to serve a God reveals more and more of Himself over time – keeps things exciting, no? 💛

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      3. I love it! I related so much because I do the same thing, “how did I not see/understand that” the first dozen times I read that hahaha. We just were not ready for that lesson yet. He knew when we would be ready, when it would help us the most, and revealed it when it was time. Hallelujah! Very exciting indeed!

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      4. True, we may not have been ready for it, or we also might have been distracted/preoccupied and missed it, too. Things can go either way, but thankfully God is faithful to keep revealing His truths to us, even when we miss them the first, tenth or hundreth go around. 🙂

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