Hope for Today

This verse from 2 Timothy 1 is one of my life verses – something I can always stand on, come what may. Did you know that – if you believe in and follow Him – that the Lord has given you a spirit of power (versus feebleness), love (versus hate), and self-control (verses indulgent selfishness)?

You have more strength within you today than you may realize! 💡 Be encouraged.

6 thoughts on “Hope for Today

      1. Thank you for your prayers dailyhopeful.
        I still pray for your job situation as well.
        And that job I took didn’t work out, but I have two interviews today. So I’m eager about that.
        But I don’t have any big updates about Melissa.
        If you get any updates about your job situation, I definitely appreciate hearing about it. I prayed this morning about your job situation.

        Lord bless you sister.

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      2. Lee, I’ll add your upcoming interviews to my prayer list. I’m sorry to hear that the other job did not work out – please let me know how your interviews go when you have the chance!

        I understand re: Melissa. I’ll keep praying.

        Thank you for interceding for me! I may have an interview coming up soon – I’ll keep you posted. God is good! 🙂


      3. Hi dailyhopeful,

        Well, I had 2 interviews today and both appear to have offered me the job, now I need God to help me know which is right.

        And I’ll continue to pray for you too dailyhopeful.

        Let me know how your interview goes please.

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