Just a reminder that there is wisdom in waiting – patiently – for the Lord in pretty much everything! God is not slow per se, but He also is in no hurry, as He is completely unconstrained by this thing called “time”. When I think of the God-given wisdom that has (slowly) grown in me over the years, it’s come because I had to wait on some outcome, and really try to understand what was really going on – rather than taking things at face value. Put another way, wisdom is not a trait that is developed rapidly – it takes time to learn to observe, weigh things from different perspectives, and then determine what – if anything – that the Lord actually wants you to do. And God develops these disciplines in us by allowing delays, detours, and (sometimes) denials our lives.

As I continue to grow and learn, I’m discovering that there is wisdom in remaining silent and not taking action. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but sometimes we can be so gung-ho to act that we miss the lesson – to simply wait and be still.

My go-to example of this Jesus, when He was being questioned by Pilate. This man – who by all appearances, had material success, power, fame, and all the rest – peppered Jesus with questions, yet He said nothing by way of response for a very long time. Indeed, Jesus remained silent and still, and only spoke when His divinity and sovereignty were called into question. Then, He spoke His peace succinctly and powerfully, and went right back to to being still.

Let’s be real – patience is hard, but I’m learning that it is part and parcel of the Christian walk. Jesus was patient (two-plus decades working in trade compared to three years of ministry?), David was patient, Joseph was patient, Job was patient, and they were all wise and prudent men. Yes, if we desire to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ” as the Bible exhorts us to do, then there is no shortcut to that destination – we must be patient, and continually ask God for His wisdom.

Oh, and speaking of wisdom – that is no joke, either. In my view, wisdom is both a blessing and a burden to anyone who seeks it. In many respects, life is simpler as a fool, but it’s not necessarily easier, because the foolish person (selfish, immature, and focused on immediate gratification, according to biblical standards) is inherently destructive. However, for the wisdom-seeking person, life can be very complex; however, the decisions placed before us are usually quite clear – choose God’s way, or our own (of course, how this all plays out varies from person to person, but the general principle holds true nonetheless).

No matter how you slice it, Augustine was spot-on with his words – it’s nearly impossible to be wise without patience, and you can’t really be patient unless you are wise.

Have a great rest of your week! And may the Lord richly bless you with abundant measures of patience and wisdom. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Patience

    1. You are too kind! I read it after I wrote it and thought, “TJ, you need to be more patient and trust God’s timing more.” Funny how He will speak TO you THROUGH you, sometimes! 😉


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