Practical Wisdom

Here is something that I hope will make you smile. Absolutely, trust Jesus and His sovereignty, but by all means, partner with His plan and get your oil changed on a regular basis! 😂

In my view, here is the important life lesson for today (with a humorous twist): Faith is doing my part, all the while trusting God to do His. So my job is to keep my vehicle regularly well-supplied with fresh oil, and watch Him keep it running until He decides it’s time for a change. And what is true for my car is also true for other areas of my life, too – don’t you think? 💡

11 thoughts on “Practical Wisdom

      1. That’s very kind of you! Sometimes it’s a bit easier to chat via email, being private and everything. Thank you for your caring words. May your week be filled with unexpected blessings and pleasant surprises! 😊

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