Daily Prayerful

Today’s cartoon is not so much humorous as it is poignant. The Bible encourages us to ask the Lord for our “daily bread” each day, and to trust that He will provide for us according to His will and good purposes.

While animals do not possess the ability to reason or articulate thought, I nonetheless I am mesmerized by their steadfast conviction that the food that they need each day will be out there. To put another it another way, you never see a bird pacing about with worry and anxiety, concerned that it is going to starve. It just does what God created it to do – fly, find a mate, have little chicks, and find food – and on the whole seems to be very content.

And well it should be, since God promises in the Bible to provide for the sparrows – and if He looks after them, how much more will He take care of us?

I like this image because it reflects the birds’ complete dependence on the Lord for their needs each day. Notice also that the birds seem to have gathered together in a “small group” – fellowship is important!

Anyway, my key takeaway is that nothing is too small – or too big – to take to the Lord, and that when we sincerely ask Him for His help and guidance each day, He often answers in unexpected ways (admittedly – some slices of our daily bread are thinner than others!).

So let’s remember to take our concerns to the Lord in prayer each day, trusting that an answer will come in time. 🐤

Also, if you enjoy learning about birds – specifically, the birds of the Bible – I highly recommend checking out Lee’s Birdwatching Adventure Blog. The birds that she features there are quite stunning, and I have learned much about God’s love of color and variety within His creation while reading her blog. I hope you that enjoy it.

PS – Stay tuned! The title of this post may indicate that another blog in the “Daily…-ful” series is coming your way. I’ve been in prayer about the timing – it will likely launch in the fall. We’ll see how the Lord leads! ✝️

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