Walk Softly

I heard these verses from Jeremiah 9 at church recently, and they struck a strong chord in my heart.

It seems to me that the Lord has some definite opinions on how we should behave, and arrogance clearly doesn’t rate too well on His list!

Also, let’s remember that wisdom is God-given; power is only wielded only to the extent that the Lord allows; and even the ability to create and maintain wealth is sovereignly permitted by God.

Instead, isn’t it just like the Lord to draw the focus away from the futility of human endeavor and toward His benevolent love? Wisdom, power, and wealth can disappear in instant, 💸 and if we are not careful and God-honoring in our decision-making, they can easily turn into vices. However, if our focus remains on the Lord and His goodness, we will not be easily influenced by those who seem to “have it all” – but actually don’t, and usually are the most unhappy, despite outward appearances.

So this passage from Jeremiah is my selection for my “verse(s) of the week” – I hope that it ministers to your heart as it has done to mine!

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