Our Refuge

It’s remarkable to me how quickly things can change.

To say the last two days have been challenging would be something of an understatement. During times like these, when life seems to knock you sideways, it’s important to hold on to something – or rather, to Someone.

I am reminded that the Lord has promised to be with us through it all – but never indicated that our lives would be problem-free (and they’re not!).

However, in the midst of some turbulent times today, I asked the Holy Spirit to send me His peace; and, faithful as always, it came, but not right away (I don’t know if this accords with your experience – I find that the peace of God seeps into my heart gradually over time, rather than landing all at once). Anyway, things are improving now, and I anticipate that things will continue get better, as I keep my mind focused on the lessons that I can extract from this experience, rather than dwelling on – but not denying – the pain.

And this is the beauty of life, don’t you think? We can choose to focus on the good, dwell on the bad, or keep our minds terribly divided between the two. With the Lord by our side, we can remember that we are never alone even in our darkest hour – and as this opening verse from Psalm 46 indicates, He is our “very present help in trouble.” Let’s take a moment to break this down:

  • PRESENT: The Lord is always with us – omnipresent – in the good times and the bad. Indeed, one of the names of Jesus is Emmanuel, which means “God with us.”
  • HELP: He is always available to assist and to guide us, so we don’t have to fret about figuring things out on our own. And since God’s resources are unlimited, wouldn’t it make sense for us to avail ourselves of His help?
  • TROUBLE: The Lord is fully present in our pain, and has already begun working out the solution to our “trouble” before we were even aware of it in the first place! This does not always mean that He will deliver us from the fiery trials of life, but it does mean that His power, presence, and peace can help to insulate us from the effects of the scorching flames 🔥 until the Lord sends along some rain! 💦

Think about it. Whom else would you want in your corner when life gets hard?

14 thoughts on “Our Refuge

      1. To God be all the glory. It’s proof positive that only He can make beauty out of ashes! I was nearly going to skip posting for a few days, but the Lord encouraged me to continue. I’m grateful for all of you! My heart is full. 💛

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      2. We are grateful for you too dailyhopeful.
        Thank you for submitting your efforts for God’s use.
        Lord bless you today my sister. And thank you for your continued reflecting of God’s kindness.

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