For my weekly post on the topic of gratitude, I thought I’d reference this verse from Psalm 136. It reminds us why we should remain thankful to God at all times – come what may, He loves us passionately, relentlessly, and faithfully, and there is no one else who can make such a claim.

As is my (weekly) custom, I thought I would highlight some of the blessings I have experienced over the course of the past week:

  • My father’s recovery from his recent surgery continues to be quite remarkable! From his latest update, he is pain-free and walking around much as he did before the procedure. In my mind, this is a miracle, and my Dad recognizes God’s protective hand in his life, too.
  • I was able to resume volunteering at an organization that is dear to my heart. Unfortunately, I had to stop back in May, and for several different reasons, wasn’t able to resume until this past week. It felt great to be back, and I was reminded how much I enjoy volunteering. I really missed it!
  • A friend of mine is moving to Scotland this month, and we had the chance to meet in person before she departed. While this friend and I have walked down very different spiritual paths, she is still one of the most discerning and attuned people I know, and I appreciate the way that she challenges me to simply (yet boldly!) lean into the faith that I profess in the Lord, rather than trying to orchestrate things on my own. Isn’t it funny how God can – and often does – use pretty much anybody to make His point sometimes?
  • Our church announced the appointment have a new senior pastor, and I am amazed at the nearly seamless way the Lord worked things out to bring this humble and obedient servant-leader to our congregation. I am reminded that when God decides to act, sometimes it takes awhile, but other times He moves very quickly, and often with tremendous impact. I am also deeply grateful to our outgoing senior pastor, who faithfully served our church for nearly ten years, and preached the word of God with enthusiasm and integrity. Indeed, we have been twice blessed!

God is good and faithful, and as the psalmist says, the His “steadfast love endures forever” – it has no beginning or end, and no purpose of the Lord’a can ever be thwarted. ⚜️

Wishing you a hope-filled week!

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