The Vine

Oh, what sweet relief it is to know that Jesus is the Vine, and we are merely branches. Our job? To remain connected to Him. His job? To provide us with the nourishment – spiritual, emotional, and physical – needed each day so that we continue to grow in the direction of light.

Sadly, our world seems to be populated with branches who have voluntarily severed themselves from the Vine, declaring that they do not need Him and that He is irrelevant. However, a detached branch has no root, so without some outside intervention, it cannot grow and will surely die.

The good news of our faith is that God can graft in loose branches and reattach them to the Vine as if they had never left, and they can receive the full blessing of those branches that had been there all along. This is called grace, and God has been in the grace-giving business for a long time!

By the way, we have all been those loose branches; and so long as we see the error of our ways, turn away from them and toward the Vine, then He faithfully promises to graft us back in with the other branches (and He always does!). 🌿

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