Letting Go

This quote from Saint Augustine struck a chord in my heart today. I don’t know about you, but I certainly could benefit from releasing certain areas of my life (past, present, and future) to the Lord – what about you?

It seems to me that there is great wisdom in letting go of the things, people, and experiences we can discern with our natural senses, and instead clinging for dear life to the One we can’t see (but nonetheless Whose presence and benevolent action in our lives are undeniable).


6 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. It is the best feeling in the world to let it go. I use to hold onto things for dear life, knaw on them like a bone, and then suck all the marrow out, and knaw on that bone some more. It accomplishes nothing but stealing our joy, and gives the old evil one something to laugh about as well as a hook to keep ahold of us. I will still catch myself getting caught up in something that just happened. But God is quick to flood me with those past feelings that consumed, and made me miserable, once again snatching me back on the right path.

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  2. And how do we practically move towards letting go? I try to find this release through repeated prayer. Do you have other methods?

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    1. I wish I had the answers, but this is what I feel the Lord has been trying to teach me: 1) Stop reaching/grasping for opportunities that are out of reach. Trust that if a door is meant to open, then the Lord will open it in His time; 2) Release toxic/unbiblical people, experiences, and thought patterns. Do we forget them? No. However, if we continue to hold onto them, more than likely they are the very things holding onto us.

      Anyway, I can’t claim to have mastered any of this, but this is what I am learning. What about you?

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      1. I think the key is exactly what you have said, “trust” in God. I try but find it so very hard. And have to keep reminding myself there’s no point trying to do things myself but to Trust.

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