Counting Our Blessings

Hello! It’s time for my weekly reflections on gratitude, and I thought that this verse from Psalm 103 captured the heart of biblical gratitude perfectly: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits.” When we stop and take inventory of the everyday benefits that we enjoy from the Lord, it’s important to thank Him for His faithfulness to us and for us.

So, here are some of the “benefits” that the Lord has extended to me over the course of the past week:

  • My car is officially ten years old (and approaching 100,000 miles)! There were some days over the past year or two when I did not think my it would last another day, but God has faithfully kept my car going – and I’m grateful to have the freedom to travel about as needed.
  • I was treated quite rudely by someone (an aesthetician), and while the matter stung for a few hours, I simply decided to shake it off and have no further dealings with this individual. Why pay to be treated poorly? I found another (and much more professional) aesthetician that very day, and really haven’t thought about the other person since. After all, why should I keep toxic people in my life?
  • I saw a very powerful Christian docu-drama on Friday, and I was deeply impacted by it. And while it’s not something appropriate for children (some of the topics addressed are not suitable for kids), it nonetheless was a powerful experience – I look forward to watching it again.
  • God answered a prayer in a most unexpected (but delightful) way on Sunday, and my heart is encouraged! It’s not a huge matter, but it was (and is) important to me, and I’m grateful for this blessing.

May the Lord bless you abundantly with His benefits in the week ahead! 💛

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